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Equity is on the Ballot

Our vision is health equity for all communities, and that means we are committed to the long-term work of changing how big systems such as the health care system and the criminal justice system work. We also know that we will not be able to pass equity-based policies without a working democracy where elected leaders show up to do the work of the people of Oregon, as they were elected to do. This fall, voters will decide if we take steps toward these changes or stay with the way things are. SO Health-E supports the following ballot measures that tackle big issues our community has prioritized Vote YES on Measure 111, the Right to Healthcare measure Together, voters have the chance to make sure that Oregon’s constitution protects the right of every Oregonian to access affordable healthcare. Vote YES on Measure 112 to remove Oregon's "Slavery Loophole." We get to decide with our votes whether Oregon finally removes references to slavery and a loophole for “involuntary servitude” as a punishment for a crime from our state constitution. Vote YES on Measure 113 to Hold Politicians Accountable And we decide if lawmakers that we elect are held to the same standard regular Oregonians are, to show up and do the job they applied for as state lawmakers, or be held accountable if they do not. We encourage all voters to use your power at the ballot to #VoteEquity, and don’t forget to turn in your ballot by November 8th at 8pm.

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